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What if you could confidently create beautiful scrapbook pages while decreasing your stash and using what you already have? You can with my PaintPaperPlay Community (PPP Community) on Patreon. I give you the guidance you need to create beautiful pages while destashing.

Learn to create embellishments from scraps, ink, and stamps.

Here’s the break-down on my Community tiers

As soon as you join the PPP Community (become a Patron) you have instant access to everything in your tier. What’s a tier? Let me explain. I have three tiers in my PPP Community on Patreon. Scrap your Stash geared toward scrapbookers – beginners to advanced. Adventures in Art Journal is where we play with paints, inks, stamps, stencils and and have hands-on fun. This tier is also for all skill levels – those who have not and those who want more. Ultimate Play Time gets you access for both tiers – Scrap your Stash and Adventures in Art Journal instructional videos. I chose Patreon to build my membership site because the platform is user-friendly. And, it gives my Patrons easy and quick access to me if there are any questions. There’s even an app so you can receive notifications so you never miss a thing!

Learning to use it all in Scrap your Stash

Scrap your Stash Patrons receive a full process instructional video each month of a layout I’ve designed. It shows how to utilize scraps and items from your stash to enhance your layout. Video demonstrations show how I create many embellishments by using up scraps of paper, stamps and inks, punches. This could be stuff you might have in your stash but haven’t used in a long time – or maybe never. I love to create pages full of depth, texture, and dimension. But as a Patron, feel free to use techniques that appeal to you and omit others. There is no right or wrong way to scrapbook. It’s just like I prefer using one-to-two photos on most layouts. But many of my Patrons use more by redesigning the layout to suit their photos or theme and that’s OK.

A colorful journey into art journals

My other love is fairly new to me but one I have embraced whole-heartedly. Adventures in Art Journal is a class I’ve been teaching locally for maybe four or five years so. I love to art journal because it makes me slow down, gives me time to let my mind wander. Often, while I play in my art journal I find myself reflecting back to favorite places and people – feel-good feelings. Oh, but being able to play with colorful paints, inks, gesso, paste, and stencils – that’s what I really, really like! And for that, I need no reason at all.

Example from a previous Adventures in Art Journal class using stamped tissue paper, glitter, and paints.

Adventures in Art Journal Patrons also have access to a full process instructional video each month. In it, I explain what products I’m using and how I’m using them so you can play along at home; just like my students did when I was teaching live. Some months I use paints, sometimes it inks, we may collage, use stencils, and pastes. I love to show how I use everyday items from around the house as stamps or stencils. Adventures in Art Journal can change with my mood. So I never know what I’ll be doing from month-to-month but I invite you along on this exciting journey.

Get the ultimate package

Ultimate Play Time Patrons are just that. They’re the ones who want it all and that’s what you get! You’ll have access to both Scrap your Stash and Adventures in Art Journal. I guarantee Ultimate Play Time Community Patrons will stay busy the entire month – and look forward to what’s coming next!

Fun bonus content

I’ve been known to add a bonus project or two at times. During March Patrons had access to complete instructions and video for an adorable bunny flag that could be made into a banner. I also shared how I make my hand-dyed tags using walnut stain, instant coffee, and an oven. These videos are still up and new Patrons will have access to them. Below is a sampling of what you’ll find in my videos.

How it all works

The way my PPP Community on Patreon works is this. Once you visit my site and select which Community you want to join – either Scrap your Stash, Adventures in Art Journal, or Ultimate Paper Player – you’ll be asked to create an account. My Communities are currently priced at $17 for Scrap your Stash, $17 for Adventures in Art Journal, and $30 for Ultimate Play Time. Patreon collects payment upon registration and then on the first of each month following. Patrons gain instant access to all previous materials available at their community level so you can start playing right away! No need to wait for me to email you any materials – it’s right there and ready to go for you!

Change your mind?

If you change your mind and don’t want to be on Patreon with me anymore (I’ll be very sad), but just cancel your subscription. It’s that easy! Looking forward to seeing you in my PPP Community!

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