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Scrapbook Paper Flowers DIY from scraps

Learn to make these easy scrapbook paper flowers DIY to add dimension and texture to your scrapbook layouts from scraps you already have!

I love making my own embellishments for my scrapbook layouts and these scrapbook paper flowers DIY is one of my all-time favorites. They’re fairly basic and can be made using die-cut machines and your dies, Cricut cutting machines, or fussy-cut from my pattern. Grab my scrapbook paper flowers DIY PDF pattern here.

scrapbook paper flowers DIY hand-made distressed and glazed
Hand-made paper flowers add beauty, dimension, and texture to scrapbook pages.

These particular scrapbook paper flowers DIY are my hand-drawn design – I know, who hand draws anymore? Me. I do. I am so technically-challenged that I just haven’t figured out how to design these in any computer designing programs yet. Maybe someday, but for now I’m good with the hand-drawing.

How to hand-draw and make a pattern for paper flowers in Word

  • Using paper and pencil sketch out a five-petal flower any size
  • Scan this flower into Word and insert into a new document
  • Right-click on the boxed flower and Wrap Text – Square. This enables you to move the box around the page freely.
  • Right-click on the box again and copy it 2-4 times which will allow you to have a three or a five-layer flower when done. These layers will be on top of each other so you will need to grab each one by clicking on it and sliding it off the other.
  • Resize the layers by grabbing a corner and moving it in or out so they vary from larger to smaller. I prefer my largest layer to be between 3.5″ to 4″ and my smallest layer about 1.5″ to 2″ for my scrapbook layouts, however, you can make yours any size you need for your project.
  • Save this page you’ve created as a PDF in a file folder on your computer to use over and over again.

Hand-made scrapbook paper flowers DIY add special touches to scrapbook layouts

I don’t know about you, but I’m not a scrapbooker who has a goal of scrapping all my photos before I die. I scrapbook my family but it’s mainly for me. Oh, they’ll get the books eventually, but I scrapbook because it’s how I can create art. It’s my art. It’s an art I can do and I’ve been told I do it well. I love the freedom to create a scrapbook page my way – no rules, no guidelines. And creating my own embellishments is a big part of that art and paper flowers are just so diverse. This style is only one of so many you can do. I’ll be sharing more in the future, but for now lets get back to these.

Here are the supplies needed to make these adorable scrapbook paper flowers DIY

  • You’ll need a paper flower template (grab my free template here) or cut three-to-five layers using a die-cutting machine or a Cricut.
  • Detail scissors if you’re fussy cutting. Detail scissors are much easier to use for fussy cutting with their fine, thin blades, and their precision tip.
  • A fine-mist water bottle for spritzing the paper layers.
  • Distress ink and applicator in your favorite color for inking the flower edges. My favorite and go-to colors are usually Tim Holtz Vintage Photo or Walnut Stain.
  • A non-stick craft sheet or parchment paper to protect your work surface.
  • A glazing medium. I often use whatever clear-drying medium is close at hand. This time I use Tim Holtz Collage Medium, but a gloss or matt decoupage medium or varnish will work as well. I always suggest to use what you have.
  • A piercing tool and mat. I made mine from an old mouse pad that I cut into workable pieces and a push pin.
  • A heat-drying tool.
  • Paper Towel

Here’s the how-to for scrapbook paper flowers DIY

Making the paper flower layers

Step 1: Gather the paper flower template, scrapbook paper scraps, and detail scissors if fussy cutting. Follow my step-by-step tutorial below or watch my video in my Free Resource Library.

scrapbook paper flowers DIY paper scraps and paper flower template
Gather the paper flower template, paper scraps for flowers, and detail scissors.

Step 2: Separate the flower layer patterns by cutting them apart.

scrapbook paper flowers separating layers by cutting apart
Separate the paper flower templates by cutting them apart.

Step 3: Lay the paper flower template over two-to-four layers of pretty scrapbook papers. Hold tightly in place while cutting around the template with detail scissors. Cut one layer of each size to create one flower. I usually stack the papers and cut two to four at a time to make a few different flowers. You can watch my video to see exactly how I make these paper flowers. It’s in my Free Resource Library. Subcribe to my newsletter and I’ll send you the password for my Free Resource Library.

scrapbook paper flowers DIY cutting out layers of flower patterns from paper scraps
Hold template in place on scrap papers while carefully cutting around the pattern.

Giving life to each paper flower layer

Step 4: Once all the flowers are cut use Distress Ink and an applicator to ink the edges of each flower layer.

Ink the petal edge with Distress Ink
Use Distress Ink and applicator to ink the petal edge of each flower layer.

Step 5: Once all the layers are inked place a paper towel or cloth on your work surface and spread a few flower layers out at a time to lightly mist with water. This makes the paper layers more pliable for scrunching and pinching.

scrapbook paper flowers DIY light mist with water
Lightly spritz the inked flower layers with a mist of water.

Step 6: Use your fingers to pinch and scrunch the petals, giving them dimension.

DIY scrunch and pinch the petals
The moist layers are much easier to scrunch and pinch to create dimension without tearing.

Step 7: Use a heat tool to dry any layers that are still damp.

scrapbook paper flowers DIY drying with heat tool
Dry any layers are still damp with a heat tool.

Assembly and finishing touches

Step 8: Dry stack the paper flower layers from large to small with large on the bottom. No need to be concerned with how the layers stack. You’ll be able to twist and turn them after assembly.

scrapbook paper flowers DIY dry stack paper layers
Dry stack the paper flower layers from largest on the bottom to smallest on top.

Step 9: Place the dry-stacked flower on a pushy pad and use a push pin or piercing tool to pierce a hole in the center. Insert a brad through the top and spread the prongs on the bottom to secure the paper flower layers stay together.

pierce the dry stack insert brad
Place the flower stack on a cushioned pad and use a push pin to pierce a hole.

Step 10: Apply a clear coat to each petal using your finger and a glazing, collage, or another clear medium. This helps to stiffen the petals and maintain the beautiful dimension you’ve created.

apply clear coat medium
Apply a clear coat medium to each petal to help maintain its dimension.

And look what you’ve accomplished

And now you have your beautiful hand-made scrapbook paper flowers to use on your next scrapbook layout. These also look nice on a decorated canvas! Here’s a layout I created recently where I used these hand-made paper flowers. I think they fit the layout perfectly!

completed layout with flowers
These hand-made paper flowers fit the bill perfectly on this ‘Wild Child’ layout.


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